Marjolein van Panhuys (Dutch pronunciation: Mar-yo-line; born 30th of January 1987) is a Dutch actress and director.

Born in The Hague, The Netherlands, she was brought up by writer and programmer Carla Versluys and physiotherapist Wijnand van Panhuys.
Marjolein started drama lessons from early age and because of that had her first solo performance at age sixteen in front of an audience of ten thousand in Switzerland.
After five years of theater lessons during highschool, and after directing all her friends in little plays she came up with, she auditioned for the Theater Academy (ArtEZ) in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She studied acting, directing and teaching.
But after one year she changed schools and studied acting for four years.

She started performing on theaterfestivals throughout Europe and directing theaterplays for schools and started acting in short films where she won the award for Best Actress  for the 48 hour film project in 2014 for her role in Under The Hood that later on was shown at the Shortfilm Corner, Cannes Film Festival.
That same year she had her directing debut for film and immediately won the award for Best Concept (Directing and Writing) and Runner Up at the 48 Hour Film Project Music Video Edition for her music video for Dutch rapper Donnie.The next year she entered the competition again as actress and became the first and only actress in The Netherlands to win this award two times in a row.Her short film Metroman, in which she directed the film and played the lead role, traveled festivals around the world, became finalist in an Asian film festival and was daily shown at BudgetCam Amsterdam, a major film equipment renting company.
In 2017 her Dutch documentary 'GIJS - Hoe de Nederlandse film op de kaart werd gezet' premiered at the EYE filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The documentary is about Dutch producer Gijs Versluys. For his 80th birthday Marjolein interviewed the people who worked close with him for many years, like director Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Soldier of Orange, Basic Instinct) and director Frans Weisz (Leedvermaak, Het Leven Is Vurrukkulluk, Havinck). The movie was made as a surprise birthday present for Gijs, who is Marjoleins uncle. 
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